Friday, September 28, 2018

This has not been fun...

I have been having MAJOR issues ever since installing Windows 10 on my computer.  Accessing my own blog so I can post is like a game of chance... sometimes it works, sometimes not. I usually have to shut down and start up about 4 times before I'm allowed access.  And getting help from the Microsoft Support team has been next to impossible.  So, while I'm here at last, on my own page, I'll give it a go!

It was high time I spent a day (or two) "finishing" numerous counted cross-stitch projects.    I have at least a dozen  more than two dozen designs that are completed as far as the cross-stitching is concerned, but remain in a "flimsy" stage, to borrow a quilting term.   I don't frame the small designs, especially if they are seasonal... I'm too cheap to spend lots of $$$ on something that will be displayed for just 2-3 months.  So I usually make mini pillows that can be grouped together on my sofa table, or in a wooden bowl that graces my farmhouse kitchen table.  It's easier to change out what goes in the bowl than rearranging a wall of framed mini designs... well, it is for me anyway.  

Welcome September, Prairie Schooler book #90.  Stitched on 28 ct. mushroom lugana, 
one strand over one thread, using DMC floss.  Mini dot pompoms from Lady Dot Creates.

Autumn Splendor, a pinkeep companion from With Thy Needle & Thread designs. Stitched on 36ct. 
linen, one strand over two threads.  The linen was in my scrap pieces... all I know is it's 36ct.
I pulled fall colored overdyed threads from my collection, which includes
Classic Colorworks, Gentle Arts, and Weeks Dye Works.  The mini rickrack
is from Lady Dot Creates.

Bittersweet September by Blackbird Designs.  Stitched on 36ct linen, one strand over
two threads.  The alphabet, except for the W, is stitched over one thread using
Gentle Arts Sampler threads.  Medium orange rickrack from Lady Dot Creates.

Gobble Pillow Tuck by Country Rustic Primitives.  I stitched this and a companion
piece in 2017, on 36ct linen, one strand over two threads... I omitted GOBBLE which 
is stitched between the two flowers on the pattern.  DMC floss.

Casting a Spell, by Blackbird Designs. Stitched on a scrap of 36ct linen, one strand over
two threads, using Gentle Arts threads.
I was happily sewing the last of the four seams to the companion piece of the turkey shown above, when the thread in my machine jammed, and jammed, and jammed again.   I shut it down and walked away, as I could feel my blood pressure rising... perhaps tomorrow???  My luck with technology isn't the best as of late.  


I had a great visit with family on my recent trip to my home state of Wisconsin.  My younger brother and I spent a day walking the wooded acres my parents purchased many years ago in central Wisconsin, and visited the lake where many happy childhood memories still live.  My uncle had a tiny cottage on that lake, and I still visit it in my mind with my eyes closed, and a smile on my face.  So many happy times!  The cottage is no longer, replaced with a year round home that seems oversized among the birch and pine trees.  I'm happy for the new property owners, so long as I can keep visiting this summer sanctuary in my mind.  

My sister and I enjoyed the time we spent at Lambeau Field, yelling, screaming, and cheering on the Packers, in the company of 80,000+ other friendly, fanatic Packer fans!  It was my first overtime game, and although I would have hoped for a win instead of a tie, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

A great NFL rivalry... Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings!

I didn't visit any quilt shops in my days away... rather proud too!  Because I don't need anything, and if I stop, I know I would shop!  There are plenty of patterns and fat quarters filling the shelves in my sewing room closet, each of them begging for place on the cutting table!

Until next time, happy stitchin' and sewing to all of you!  



  1. Loving your Autumn stitching. Happy Stitching.

  2. Oh, technology hasn't been kind to you lately. I am glad you were finally able to get a post written to share your lovely stitched pieces. I think making little pillows is an excellent idea. I sometimes do that with leftover mini quilt blocks or wool applique.
    Such a pretty place to walk. Appears to be very soul soothing.
    That is fun that you got to cheer on your team in person. And to get in on a tie game--that does things to the blood pressure. :)
    My passion is major league soccer, and I have been able to squeeze in a couple of live games.

    1. Thanks for visiting Janet... always good to hear from you. I have to admit, even without knowing much about the teams, I enjoyed the TV coverage of the World Cup this past summer, and found myself cheering them on!

  3. Wow Kathy... thanks for your perseverance in blogging this post! with Windows 10... I find Goggle Chrome is a better platform than Edge... see if you can open your blogger account easier there... also Chrome will remember your passwords IF you want it to.. I am not teckie.. so this is my solution... I used to use Firefox with earlier windows but it doesn't work good with 10 and frequent updates 10 does on the computer.
    Now on to my remarks about your stellar and magnificent cross stitch! Wow... I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE your finishes and from flimsy to finish is soooo dynamic... that pile of waiting to finish is one thing but your finishes are out of this world AMAZING!!! I went back to your other blog posts that I had missed for some reason and LOVE your overall style completely... do you paper piece the small quilts and finish your cross stitched pieces by machine or do you paper piece the tiny quilts and hand add the detailing to your cross stitch pieces? Your pictures and content are amazing in each photo and I find that rare in the blog world lately of fellow slow stitchers.. HOpe you link this post to slow stitch Sunday at Kathy's Quilts out of Canada.. I think others would love to see your work !!! Thanks for sharing it for all of blog world!
    I also asked to be your friend on Instagram :) Hope you accept me !! Kathi

    1. I SO VERY MUCH appreciate your suggestions regarding Windows 10. I will definitely make some changes... anything to make the experience less stressful! Thank you for the sweet comments on my handiwork! Most of my mini quilts are machine pieced, but I have dabbled in paper piecing and really love it. I find it so relaxing. For the cross stitch pillow finishing, I machine sew all four sides, and slit an opening on the back to turn it right sides out. After stuffing, I hand sew the slit closed, and cover it with a coordinating fabric or wool felt square. The embellishments (rickrack, mini poms, etc) are usually added with hand sewing. I promise to look into Kathy's Slow Stitch Sunday link. As for Instagram, your request has been answered, and you've gain a follower as well!

  4. Your X stitch minis are precious - especially like the one with the tiny ball fringe. In our house it is a division between PC’s and Apple products. My husband has worked with Windows for years and I thought when 10 came out we would convert him to a Mac...but he toughed it out:-(...
    We were all hoping for a win instead of that tie too...and now this newest loss calls for a return to a major win. Still being at Lambeau for you must have been a blast and walking the wooded paths of your memories sounds so special.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, Pat. And let's go Packers!!!

  5. Technology can be so annoying!! So sorry you are having problems posting. I'm enjoying your blog again!!
    Sounds like a fun time away- love live football games!!

    1. Thanks Lori. Visiting my home state is so comforting!

  6. I am also running on Windows 10 and use Chrome. I also have a blog on blogger and have had no issues getting in and out or posting. I agree with the poster above...Edge is awful. Subdue it, and use Chrome!!! Glad to have you back.

  7. Thanks for the tech advice. I appreciate it so much!


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