Thursday, November 13, 2014

About time!

Yes, it is about time... the lack of it, how fast it seems to pass by, what I do in my "spare" time... whatever that is!  I could list my excuses for NOT posting for so long, but they are in the end, excuses. 

Instead, I will allow them to pass into time...


Queen Dee had the most adorable Halloween quilt hanging on the door to her sewing room. 
She didn't have the pattern any longer, but she did have the witch, moon, and letters traced on freezer paper.  I took a cellphone photo of her quilt and borrowed the silhouettes to trace.  I made two exactly alike, one for my DD, and one for my DDIL.  I didn't have enough of the same fabric to make a third one for me, so I dug into my Halloween fabric stash.

What really makes this Halloween cutie is a layer of soft tulle over the entire top, and simple horizontal quilting.  Here's a close up of the two.

Chalk lines under the tulle... ready for simple machine quilting.

I used an ivory colored tulle.

Easy, quick, and so cute! 


Retreat!  This year the Threads quilt group travelled to northwest Iowa, to the lake home of one of our members.  Everything about the 6 days was wonderful... the sewing, the company, the space, the food, the shopping, the extra sleep, the laughs... everything!

Home Sweet Home for 6 days of Fall Retreat 2014

Eight sewing machines filled the sunroom,
with room to spare!

I took these two pictures after a Saturday of shopping... everyone
was admiring and sharing their purchases around the dining
room table... the sewing room was empty... for a short while!

A few retreat projects... large Great Granny Square blocks, fabric
pentagon balls, and a flannel and wool snowman runner.

 We've been invited back next October... already looking forward to it!


Back to those pentagon fabric balls... in August I ordered TIN PINKEEP, a Heartspun Quilts pattern by Pam Buda.   The fabric ball pin cushion fits into a vintage tin Jell-O mold.  I had so much fun making these, I could not stop at one!  I'm still on the look out for a few vintage molds, but in the meantime, I will keep filling my 1992 Longaberger basket!

These involve EPP, so of course I had to make a bunch!

 I recently joined the fun of Instagram... so much fun to quickly see the creativity of others!  And so much temptation to add to the ever-growing-to-do list!!!   You can find me by searching for Kindred Quilts... my account is private, so if you want to follow, just request to do so.  And if you are on Instagram, I'd love to follow you!

Happy sewing!



  1. Very clever Halloween quilt! How do people come up with these things?
    Looks like a lovely place for a retreat!, and each of your projects is delightful!
    Oh, I have that Jello tin pattern. Makes me want to go whip that up. : )

  2. 6 days on a retreat. How awesome is that, but then throw in all that you've been working on, and I can see why you haven't had any spare time. Great job!

  3. You've been missed, Kathy!

    The retreat sounds heavenly. Do you think they'd have room for one more next year? *wink*

    Your Halloween minis are adorable. Love them!

  4. Nice to see what you have been up to. I think everyone is jumping over to Instagram and blogging is dying out.

  5. First, I like the crow piece very much that is in your header picture. Second, for the witch, are the pieces fused or just placed down and the tulle and quilting hold the pieces in place?

  6. Looks like the prefect place for a retreat. The windows and all the light coming in. Your projects are ever so adorable. Love the snowman faces.

  7. Love your header quilt.:) You've been a busy bee! Great little EPP balls in the basket. Very fun.

  8. Those little Halloween quilts are cute. I've just found Instagram as well, will have to go find you......

  9. So many tempting projects. Love those hexie fabric balls. I'd be tempted to keep them in the basket. Haven't joined in on Instagram - not even on Facebook yet!

  10. I love the Halloween the pattern still available somewhere? I love Halloween and it is a big deal in our family. Like you, I could see myself making several. I love how yours turned out.
    Glad you enjoyed your retreat. Wow, that was someone's home? It looked like a resort! I wouldn't want to clean it. Where did their family go while you were there for 6 days? W hat a fun time though...I can just imagine.
    I adore those hexie balls.......I am going to have to order the pattern. I know it's EPP but how did you get such perfect shapes? Are they stuffed or did you sew it around a ball of some sort? I know someone who will be getting one for Christmas as she loves hexies. And of course, I'll be keeping my eye out for molds! I also like your banner quilt with the crow. It's a fine line between blogging and actually accomplishing what you blog about. LOL! Stay warm!

  11. A 6 day retreat??!! Hmmmm...our annual November retreat is 4 days - wonder if 2 more days could be added. Love your hexie balls - beautifully done - they look super just nestled in the basket.


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