Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

It's always been the tradition in my family to exchange and open gifts on Christmas Eve.   So tonight is a BIG night for my grandchildren!  We will gather at my son's home this year. Fixed a top the fireplace mantle in the family room will be his laptop computer, allowing my family in Wisconsin to watch as the kids (big and little ones!) giggle with excitement while opening their presents!  We did this last year, and eventually I took the computer and walked slowly with it at "child height," so the relatives could see close up, exactly what was going on.  My youngest grandson was 18 months old last year at Christmas.   Most of his toy gifts were intact inside their boxes, and he was more excited to climb up the boxes, and jump from one to another... he didn't seem to especially care about what was in the box!   With the kids raging in ages from 11 to 2 1/2, tonight promises to be just as exciting, and comical, as last year! 

With not much time to spare, I finished the 2013 ornaments for each of my grandchildren. 

The process began in early November... but in all honestly didn't really get into full gear until mid December!  (Would someone please remind me next July to start on the 2014 ornaments?  Please!?!)


Each snowman has taken on a personality of their own, mirroring the personality of each of the recipients!   My goal is to make an ornament for each of them every year... for how many years is still to be determined!!!   The backs are personalized with their name and the year. 

Still lots to do today, before meeting my children, SIL, DIL, and grandchildren at 5pm for Christmas Eve Mass.   Once we are at my son's home, I imagine the kids will make sure we all hurry through a casual meal of chili and hot soups... the sight of the presents under the tree will have them dancing like sugar plum fairies and lords a leaping!!!

A blessed Christmas to all of you!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

In my mailbox!

What a delight to come home from work and find a package from Janet, among all the junk mail in my mailbox! 


A few weeks ago, Janet, who blogs at Rogue Quilter, offered her readers a chance to purchase a Pineapple or Log Cabin block ornament, beautifully made by Janet.  The ornaments were some she had left over from a craft fair/ fund raiser she participated in.  All the proceeds for the ornaments go to Dravet Syndrome Research, an organization very close to Janet's heart.    

I couldn't hang the ornaments on my tree fast enough, and then snap a picture of each of them to share with all of you!  These little cuties measure approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  And I love the fabrics, and the colors!!!  And trust me, the back of the ornaments are finished off as wonderfully as the front!

Thank you so much Janet!  I will treasure these always!  (And I promise to be honest when someone asks me, "did you make those?")


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is December?

December is... joy, St. Nick, sleigh bells, holly, Christmas... and so much more, as designer Brenda Gervais shows us in her monthly Word Play designs! 

My official FNWF (Friday Night With Friends) project was something I couldn't show until today, because it was a gift that wasn't received until last night! 

My good friend and quilting teacher, Nor, is the recipient of my version of Sandy's 2011 design.   I used 28ct linen, and all the embroidery floss came from my collection that dates back to the late 1990's!   I added a small, rusty safety pin and mini jingle bell.  I filled it with walnut chips, not so much to be used as a pin cushion, but just because I would rather use the chips than try to stuff it evenly with pillow stuffing.   She likes it!  It's her "style"!

Visit Sandy's website to see her designs, and visit her wonderful blog here!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

FNWF - Friday Night With Friends

I follow Josie's blog from Scotland, Dilly Dimple.  I enjoy reading about Josie's adventures in quilting, gardening, and life!  My most recent visit to her blog inspired me to join FNWF... Friday Night With Friends, sponsored by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin'.  Cheryll hails from Australia, and I've seen other bloggers talk about "getting together" with her and other FNWF stitchers to work on projects of their choice.  I joined in on the fun this time... so enjoyable to read the blogs and see how others around the world spent their Friday evening.  Go here to get a glimpse!

(I'm cheating here a little bit... I actually worked and finished this project last Friday evening, but because it was a gift that was given just this past Monday evening, I couldn't blog about it before now!)

Using Coal Miner's Tunnel, a pattern from Tara Lynn Darr's Simply Charming book as my inspiration, I made a sewing machine cover and pin cushion, as my Bowtie Christmas gift exchange item.  (Bowtie is a small group of quilters that I am a member of... we meet in the evening  on the first Monday of the month).   I drew the name of our monthly hostess, Aimee.  I knew she had a Pfaff sewing machine very similar to mine, so I was able to size the cover without sneaking around her sewing room to get proper measurements.

I used SEW MAMA SEW fabric.  I pinned a cute little white sewing machine in the lower right side of the cover, so Aimee would be able to tell the front from the back.  The pin cushion is stuffed with walnut chips, my favorite choice of pin cushion stuffing! 

Last night, my true night with FNWF, I added the finishing touches to another Christmas gift exchange project.  And because it won't be given to the recipient until this coming Monday evening, I can't show it just yet!  

I enjoyed my FNWF evening... I'll definitely stitch with all of them in the months ahead!