Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hurray for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!

Last week while visiting favorite blogs, I was inspired by Janet, Rogue Quilter, and her RED, WHITE, and BLUE post.  I told her in my comment that I was probably going to copy her idea... a RED, WHITE and BLUE post of projects recognizing the colors of our country... my way of complimenting her on a great idea!  You can visit Janet's post by clicking here!  Be prepared to be awe struck!
I gathered patriotic wall hangings, mini quilts, pincushions, cross stitch projects, and a few other goodies that were on display in my home.  I really wanted to take outdoor pictures, so out to my partly cloudy patio I went...  hot cup of coffee, trusty camera, and R,W, & B beauties.  It was a bit windy outside, so my planned photo shoot proved to be a challenge...  I'm sure some of my neighbors watched me with raised eyebrows and confused looks on their faces.  They must not be quilters, or bloggers.  (And they have no idea how much they are missing!)

While placing the larger quilts I realized I can only take credit for four out of the five, and the newest of the four I made is two years old!  I'll have to remedy that soon!  (Or I may hear from JoAnn at Patriotic Quilter!!!)  On the back of the chair is a "made it up as I went along" challenge from 2012.  The seven members in the Bowtie group all purchased the same charm pack, and had three months to create something using it.  The only additional fabric allowed was for backing and binding.  The fabric is Minnick and Simpson, Clemont Farms.  Since log cabin and crisscross are two of my favorite blocks, I combined them with piano key borders for a scrappy table topper.  Draped upside down on the arm of the chair, is a table runner I made 6-7 years
 ago.  That will explain why I don't remember who should receive pattern credit.

The nine unfinished blocks on the left are paper pieced blocks from Rosemary Youngs "Quilts from the American Homefront."  There are 121 quilt blocks in her book, inspired by letters written by servicemen and their families during WWII.  (I see them now and wonder why I haven't been piecing more of these lovelies as of late!)   My dad fought in WWII, so this WIP is dedicated to his memory, his years of service, and the strong patriotic feelings he instilled in me to this day.   (The book is available from Amazon.com.) 

The framed cross stitched design, Americana Star Sampler, is my design,
featured in Better Homes and Gardens 2004 Keepsakes Cross Stitch
Calendar.   The mini flag is a freebie from the blog of Temecula Quilt 
Company (July 3, 2011 post...couldn't get it to link).  The stuffed,
 elongated America heart is soft, red suede fabric, with a sash of stars
 from old Jo Morton fabric, and simple embroidery.  The blue alphabet
sampler is a Blackbird  Design.  It's a pin cushion, but I don't have
the heart to stick pins in it!  I wish I could remember the designer
 of the God Bless America mini door knob hanger.  I stitched this in
early 1990's... it's always been a favorite.   Lastly, the large pin cushion is one
of the first EPP projects I ever made using diamond templates, and it's reversible.
  The underside is also patriotic fabrics.


An absolute favorite is this large scrappy flag that my sister gifted
 to me for my birthday last year, which happens to be the same
day as Flag Day!   It's a beauty!!!

Another table topper that I made 6-7 years ago.  It may be a Kansas
Star pattern, using R,W, & B fabrics that I had in my stash at that time.
  I hand stitched around each of the center stars, machine stitched in
 the ditch on the narrow borders, and used homespun for the
wide borders.  I hand quilted random stars in the wide border as well. 

I would love to see more RED, WHITE, and BLUE posts from my fellow USA bloggers!   I joined Janet's parade, and now it's time for you to do so too! 

This will be my last post before the weekend so

H A P P Y   4 TH   O F   J U L Y !!!

Make it a fire crackin' good time!


  1. great post I loved Janets post too! I happen to love RWB quilts too.
    thanks for sharing all of yours with us. I am inspired to make another RWB quilt!

  2. Such beautiful quilts! Your pictures show them really well. Enjoy your 4th of July!

  3. Oh my. love all of your red, white and blue! I am in, but don't check until later!!

  4. I'm awe struck at the gorgeous collection of patriotic projects that you have shown. I can't pick a favourite because they are all so beautiful. Have a wonderful Independence Day..... God Bless America! :o)

  5. Well of course you are going to hear from me! What a great collection of patriotic items. I love them all, but that door knob hanger is really awesome. I think my neighbors must agree with yours--I'm frequently out arranging and photographing items, too.

  6. Love all your Red, White and Blue; in both quilts and cross stitch. Very nice collection.

  7. I've done several blue and white log quilts, but the closest I've done to RWB would be a couple of log cabin quilts with red centers. After seeing your gorgeous RWB quilts (and Janet's), I'm inspired to remedy that! My favorite is probably that flag quilt that your sister gifted to you. I've been seeing so many flag quilts lately, that I think my first RWB quilt will be a flag quilt!

  8. Beautiful collection! Happy 4th.

  9. Wonderful!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. I've done nothing "quilty" in R, W, and B but I do have a wooden flag I made and painted. I would like to get that book you mentioned as both my parents served in WWII. What great projects! I also love the one on your banner. Did you make that? You are my role model for quilting! I hope you survived all the storms and flooding. My family lives in Iowa so I am well aware of the weather up there. Happy 4th to you! As always thank you for the inspiration.

  11. All beautiful projects! Really makes me want to make something new!

  12. Wow, Kathy, your RWB post is a LOT more fun than mine. Look at all this variety--and the sheer numbers are staggering!!
    Everything is wonderful and I can't choose a favorite.
    Thanks for this delightful post. I can't wait to see others follow suit! : )

  13. Love them ALL ! I need to gather all of my RWB quilts for a photo shoot ;-)

  14. So many lovely RWB projects! I like them all!

  15. Beautiful--so fun to decorate with the red, white and blue

  16. What a great little RWB quilt show! Wonderful to see all the patriotic spirit.:)

  17. Wow! You, too, could be called the patriotic quilter! Happy 4th!

  18. loved seeing your RW&B pieces and you did a great job of shooting them.
    it's hard to pick a favorite but i think maybe that tiny flag from temecula quilts has stolen my heart.

    have a great holiday and thank you for sharing your patriotic beauties.


  19. All are so beautiful! If your neighbors were gawking, it was only out of ENVY!!!

  20. Your reds, whites & blues are so festive and pretty! Looks like you have a fireworks display going on there! Difficult to pic a favorite.... love them all! :-)

  21. I'm a huge fan and pretty much am patriotic decor year round. I love your quilts!

  22. wow! what an amazing collection of patriotic quilts. I love your stitchery too - amazing work.


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