Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mini Spools Quilt and Growing EPP projects!

It's a finish!  After several nights of tediously removing the tissue paper from the back, and a few undecided moments of border fabrics, my blue spools mini quilt is at home, gracing a wood slat bench in my living room. 

In late February I was the lucky recipient of a giveaway for participating in Humble Quilts Midwinter Blues sew along... six gorgeous blue fabric fat quarters, and I've been hoarding them ever since!  I used the brightest blue in the bunch for the narrow border and I love the pop of blue framing the spools together.  I must have auditioned at least 15 different fabrics for the wide borders, finally deciding on 4 different muted gold prints, simply because I didn't have enough of any one of them to border all the way around.  The binding is black with a bit of red in it.  Simple cross hatch machine quilting, a quick run through the washer, a tumble in the dryer, and I can check off a June finish... just in the nick of time! 


The bottom of a mesh waste basket holds the evidence of several nights of tearing off the tissue paper foundation pieces.  The Band-Aid played a role as well.  I use sharp tweezers to remove the pesky little pieces from underneath the pressed seams.  I got a bit close to my index finger...

The finished size of my new mini is 20.5 inches by 23 inches.  This fun little pattern is Scrap Happy Spools, a Little Bits pattern by Cindi Edgerton.  Click here for more information.

I cannot lie... EPP has taken control of any spare stitching moments I can muster.  I'm still working on the paths for my Stars in the Garden project.  The 3/8 inch paper hexies and the path fabric precuts (precut by me), are easy to take with me and work on when the opportunity presents itself.  Slow and steady progress... 
I'm a member of a small group of 1st Saturday of the Month stitchers who dedicate the time to the production of Lucy Boston Blocks.  The arrival of summer has altered those Saturday plans... vacations and busy lives don't always make room for scheduled get together time!  I have four Lucy Boston blocks completed, one with the path fabric honeycombs sewn around it, because I just couldn't wait to get a glimpse of how it would look!  Four more blocks are ready to piece together... perfect for evening hand sewing!
Each of the containers holds the honeycombs for a block.
  My color theme consists of primarily brown, red, and beige.
I have been admiring the EPP diamond stars that Sandra, a stitching friend, has been making.  Every month she comes to our Threads meeting with more beauties to share.  Some are fussy cut and some just simply show off the beauty of the fabric without the need for fussy cutting.   I have several half yard cuts of Judie Rothermel's Dressing Gown fabrics, purchases on line last summer.  I used just small bits of some of the prints for a mini nine patch quilt you can see here.  I've been searching for a pattern that would show off the loveliness of these fabric prints.  After drooling over Sandra's diamond stars since the first of the year, I decided to steal her vision... one of the best ways to feature fabrics that don't require fussy cutting, is EPP six point, two inch diamond paper pieces.   

The four diamond stars on the right are prints from the Dressing Gown collection...  the two on the left are from my stash of floral prints.  Only the blue diamond is fussy cut.  There is a plan... I want to use floral prints for each of the diamond stars.  Another on-going EPP project... lovin' every minute of it!


  1. I love all of your projects, but I think my favorite today (it could change tomorrow!) is Stars in the Garden.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Spools quilt! I think it just turned out wonderfully!! You have so many beautiful EPP projects!I do not think I could pick a favorite, I love them all!

  3. Congrats on a wonderful Finish ! Such a sweet spools quilt , love the fabrics you chose ! Your stars garden is taking shape. I know it is a lot of work but it is going to be GORGEOUS and well worth the work

  4. Beautiful finish for sure! Love your hand projects... I do hand piecing but not epp yet. :) Love your blog... thanks for sharing! Kathi

  5. Your new little quilt is lovely. It's very easy to gt hooked on EPP - love what you are doing and the fabrics you are using.

  6. oh its a beautiful quilt congrats on a finsih! ok love the EPP wow its the colors that grabbed my attentions
    love it.
    you have been busy!

  7. I like those mini spools and the setting you used. The blues worked very well with your stash fabrics.

  8. Love your EPP projects! Your Lucy Boston is going to be stunning in those colours and I spy some wonderful fussy cutting there :)

  9. The centers of your Lucy blocks are so fun with the fussy cutting. Glad you got your sweet spools done before the month ended. It's good to have those kinds of goals.

  10. I'm an EPP addict and love your projects. I'm inspired!

    I used pointy tweezers to remove all those pesky little pieces of paper when I foundation paper pieced my storm at sea. I've got several of Cindi's patterns and hope to work on one at retreat next month.

  11. Yes, I'd say you have paper piecing fever, whether on foundations or English style. : ) (Sorry about your boo-boo.)
    But if you have to have a fever, this is a good one! Everything looks wonderful--cute little spool quilt, love Stars in the Garden, great color scheme for your Lucy Boston blocks! And those stars are in very soft, pretty colors.
    I confess--I started Stars in the Garden! I was a poll worker last week and you sit for 13 hours (in between an hour set up and an hour take down). This was a closed Republican Primary for 3 offices, so voting was not brisk. I actually made some progress and am quite excited, but who knows when I will work on it again. Oh, wait--family campout next week. I always take handwork, but I don't get a whole lot done.

  12. Love your diamond stars. Fussy cut is wonderful, but sometimes the beauty and simplicity of the basic pattern is all I need.:) Great to see your wonderful hand work in progress!

  13. Lovely finish.
    Your EPP projects look great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  14. Such a sweet little spool quilt!
    I LOVE your EPP projects, so fun to see so many little pieces basted and neatly tucked into cute little containers.
    Of course your finished blocks are gorgeous - you are the queen of fussy cuts!

  15. precioso su mini carretes!!!
    y las estrellas me gustan
    estoy deseando ver todo el proyecto

  16. Congratulations on your finish. I love your quilt, the blues are great in it too.
    EPP is addictive! Fun to see your pieces all sorted.

  17. If I could settle on just one craft I might finish something too! LOL! I have so many WIP's that is makes my head swim. I love how your spools turned out but then I love everything you do. Stars in the Garden is going to be (and already is) absolutely beautiful but I really love your 6 point stars and the dressing gown fabrics. I want to go start some of those stars but I have promised myself I need to finish some other projects too....don't I? Maybe I could just go "look" at some fabric online? LOL! Congratulations on your lovely "finish" and the awesome projects you are working on!

  18. I love this piece.... never out of season....

  19. Your Lucy Boston blocks are so lovely...I just started making them myself...mine are 1 inch honeycombs...I read where you changed to a smaller size...your blocks pathway is very pretty as well...

  20. Awesome, beautiful work as always!


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