Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still playin' with hexies...

I haven't forgotten about my hexies stars and flowers for "Stars in the Garden," a project from the Spring 2013 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.   I started this project in January, hand stitching the 3/8 inch hexies along with two of my quilting friends, Nor and Carole.  Both of them are just about finished with their projects, while I'm still working on the half stars and flowers, and have yet to start on the diamond shaped fillers.  (I'm using my job as my excuse!) 

I need 5 more of the half flowers, and 4 diamond shaped pieces.  I haven't decided on the background fabric yet... there's still plenty of time for that decision! 

Here is a picture of Carole's...  I love her choice of fabrics and colors!

Carole will be sewing the flowers and stars together while visiting her daughter in Louisiana during the next couple of weeks.

Thursday will be the first of three days of Spring Retreat for the Threads quilting group that I belong to.  We meet at one of the members homes, converting her living space into a menagerie of sewing machines and ironing boards, with power strips and extension cords criss-crossing the floor to the electrical outlets.  (We blew a fuse one year!)   If you were a fly on the wall you would hear the hum of the machines, the hiss of the irons, oldies playing with some of us quietly singing along, (no choir angels in this group...), ahhhs and ohhhs over projects being completed or just started, and laughter... lots of laughter!!!  Because we are keeping it local, everyone returns to their home to retire for the evening... giving our hostess a few hours of peace and quiet... until bright and early the next morning! 
I need to get a few projects ready... not sure what I'll be taking to work on.  I'd better get busy... I don't want to miss a minute of the fun!!!


  1. The retreat sounds wonderful! I did a retreat in my home for some quilting friends and it was so much fun. Did it when my husband was on a trip. But there has not been another opportunity to do it.

    Every time I see someone working on hexie stars like yours, I want to start one immediately. Then I remember all I already have planned or in the works, and talk myself into waiting.

  2. Love seeing your hexies and Carole's too. Enjoy the retreat...it sounds like great fun!

  3. poder reunirse con amigas y compartir días de costura es genial
    seguro que sera un retiro muy aprovechado
    ¡¡¡pasarlo bien!!!

  4. This hexie project keeps coming at me! I do not want to start another hexie project, but Gayle's, then yours, and now Carole's are just taunting me. I have the pattern--and the 3/8" hexie papers, but I am trying so hard to resist. It is a great quilt! : )

  5. I like yours and Carole's hexie-project.

    Greetings, Manuela

  6. Your hexies are beautiful. What a wonderful way to have a retreat. Hugs

  7. Yep...I still love your hexies! And Carol's too! Have a great time on your retreat - sounds like so much fun - I will be waiting for pictures!

  8. Both projects are lovely. Enjoy your retreat!

  9. I love your stars. I am making the same project and am about as far as you are. It is a beautiful project in it's frame. Now if I could just move along and get it done.

  10. Those hexie stars are simply gorgeous!

    What a wonderful idea for a retreat! I sure would LOVE to be able to participate in a quilting group like that!

  11. I love following your progress on quilt project! Your hexies and hexie stars are beautiful!

  12. A beautiful project. I love the fabrics and fussy cutting you've done.


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