Monday, November 12, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Check List...

... daughter's Christmas tree skirt...


... in the very capable hands of a talented machine quilter.  (No, I'm not touching this one!)

... hexagon ornaments for the grandchildren... work in progress... probably will be
finishing these the day before
our Christmas Eve get together...
like most years!

... Christmas gift exchange present for Bowties... (one of two quilt groups I belong to.)  Haven't started, but have a few ideas!  Due date -December 3rd.  (yikes!)

... Christmas gift exchange present for Threads, the other quilt group
I belong to...  I've started, but I can't say too much... the recipient reads this blog!  Due date - December 10th.  (double yikes!)

... BELIEVE wall hanging purchased at the October AQS show in Des Moines... getting together soon with Carole and Nor to get started.  (Carole and I purchased the kit.  Nor is using fabrics from her stash).

... tree skirt for my Charlie Brown Christmas tree... maybe 2013. 

Well, I must admit this list doesn't look to over bearing.  It's just a matter of time management, and maybe a few afternoons of getting off work early.  I need to prioritize the projects according to their due dates! 

How are your Christmas projects coming along???



  1. You put me to shame - I'm fast running out of time for my Christmas sewing!! I love your projects - I look forward to seeing more of them :-)

  2. Love your tree skirt and the hexies made from those fabrics! Your Believe Kit looks wonderful...I imagine that will be a lot if fun to make. Can't make my list...I just get overwhelmed because everyday I see something new that I would like to your tree skirt! Enjoy the Christmas spirit!

  3. All of these projects look like fun, I'm sure you'll be finished them in lots of time. The ones that I've started are coming along really well, but its the ones that I keep adding to the list that are probably gonna give me problems! LOL! Never fails!

  4. The time of year when the rush is on to make all the things we intended to make last winter so we wouldn't get behind at Christmas time. I started working on a small wall hanging size quilt yesterday for Christmas gift giving.

  5. You are way ahead of me, I haven't figured out what I need to do yet!

  6. Your projects look fun--at least you have a plan! And one is already at the quilter. That has to feel good!
    I am making two twin and one crib quilt for my grandsons. The crib quilt is almost pieced--the other two just got cut out Saturday. Simple strip quilt pattern, so no big deal to piece them, but I am quilting them myself. I will try to keep it simple.
    Have a few pincushions made as small "friend" gifts, but most of my friends get (and prefer) my herbal soap for Christmas.

  7. It looks like you've got a jump on the holidays!! Woo-Hoo!

  8. I've been working on gifts most of the year and soon I'll be finishing, wrapping and putting a bow on all of them. :-) I love everything you've shown - I want to be on your list? LOL

  9. That's what I do is prioritize by due date and everything gets done on time. I have some gifts still to make. And they are listed by mailing or meeting dates.
    Good luck.

  10. Could you elaborate a little on the hexie ornaments. They look so cute! How is the backing done, and what's the secret of the numbers?

    1. Hi Mary. Thanks for visiting. I'm not following a particular pattern for the hexie ornaments... I'm making them up as I go along! I plan on backing them with hexies, so the ornament will be the same on both sides. I will put a layer of batting in between, and hand quilt them. I will use embroidery floss for the ornament hanger. My grand daughters were born on the 5th, and 18th, my grandsons on the 7th, and 24th. I will back those hexies with a light colored solid fabric so I can personalize the ornament with a little message, and attach it to the hanger of the ornament. (Does that make sense?) I am using 3/4 inch paper hexies, and the fabric is "Countdown to Christmas" by Sweetwater for Moda. I promise to post a picture when they are done! I hope this has helped. E-mail me if you have other questions! You are on no reply, so I hope you come back here to read this!

  11. Thank you so much! Blessings on your Christmas, Mary


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